Meet the Board

2016/2017 Officers:


Co-Presidents: Kristy Brown & Kristin O’Connor
1st Vice President: Tracy Gallun, School Chair Liaison
2nd Vice President:  Enid Shapiro, Facility Manager, Wednesday sort
3rd  Vice President:  Diane Wright, Recipient Scheduling
Treasurer: Susan Powell
Recording/Corresponding Secretaries: Julie Doyle & Gini Ohlson

Board of Directors and Responsibilities:

Sabrina Clark: Fundraising Chair

Brian Cohen: Grants

Madeleine Cusick: Facilities Assistant

Nicole Fisher: Recipient Scheduling

Laura Hohnhold: Recipient Scheduling

Diane Kastman: Coats and Jeans Purchasing

Joanna Kramer: Volunteers

Dorene Lynch: Funds Controller

Sally Lynch: Shoe Buyer

Katie Martin: Member at Large

Linnea Mead: Supervisor & Asst. Supervisor Reminders

Kristin O’Connor: Digital Communications

Cari O’Donnell: Member at Large

Susan Roche: Publicity

Kelly Siddiqui: Friday Sorts

Pat Ulmer: Facilities Assistant