Accessing ESCCA Services

For Parents and Guardians:

How you can access ESCCA’s services
A parent or guardian may request ESCCA services for a District 65 child by contacting his or her health clerk, social worker or school principal. Contact information for your school can be found below. An ESCCA Request Form will then be sent home with your child or you can fill out and sign the Request Form at the school during the Health Clerk’s office hours. (You should contact only one health clerk and fill out only one Request Form for all District 65 school children in a single family. The health clerk will fill out one Referral Sheet for each child.) Children are usually served on a first-come, first-served basis.

ESCCA Clothing Center

Someone from ESCCA will call you to arrange the earliest possible date for you and your child(ren) to select school clothing at the clothing center at 1500 McDaniel Avenue. If you didn’t list a phone number on your request form, the health clerk will send a note home with your child. If for any reason you can’t keep your appointment at your scheduled time, please call ESCCA at 847-859-8018.

School Directory Info/Health Clerks
School: Principal: Health Clerk:
Bessie Rhodes Magnet
3701 Davis St, Skokie, 60076
Adrian Harries,Jr.
Ph: 847-859-8440
Stephanie Vasquez
Direct #: 847-859-8458
Chute Middle
1400 Oakton St, 60202
Jim McHolland
Ph: 847-859-8600
Joan Hurley
Direct #: 847-859-8608
Dawes Elementary
440 Dodge St 60202
Karen Bradley
Ph: 847-859-8990
Susan Taylor
Direct #: 847-859-8992
Dewey Elementary
1551 Wesley Ave, 60201
Andrew Krugly
Ph: 847-859-8140
Cynthia Baraona
Direct #: 847-859-8142
Haven Middle
2417 Prairie Ave, 60201
Kathleen Roberson
Ph: 847-859-8200
Alberta Dortch
Direct #: 847-859-8236
King Lab Magnet
2424 Lake St, 60201
Jeff Brown
Ph: 847-859-8500
Joyce Shea
Direct #: 847-859-8514
Kingsley Elementary
2300 Green Bay Rd, 60201
Beatrice Davis
Ph: 847-859-8400
Dorothy Gill
Direct #: 847-859-8402
Lincoln Elementary
910 Forest Ave, 60202
Chris McDermott
Ph: 847-859-8970
Rita Kreuser
Direct #: 857-859-8972
Lincolnwood Elementary
2600 Colfax St, 60201
Fred Hunter
Ph: 847-859-8880
Kathy Gresham
Direct #: 847-859-8883
Nichols Middle
800 Greenleaf St, 60202
Sarah Mendez
Ph: 847-859-8660
Julianne Pacheco
Direct #: 847-492-7880
Oakton Elementary
436 Ridge Ave, 60202
Churchill Daniels, Jr.
Ph: 847-859-8800
Terry Blake
Direct #: 847-859-8802
Orrington Elementary
2636 Orrington Ave 60201
Renaud Beaudoin
Ph: 847-859-8780
Mary Robinson
Direct #: 847-859-8782
Park School
828 Main St, 60202
Marlene Grossman
Ph: 847-859-8590
Pat Hayden
Direct #: 847-859-8592
Walker Elementary
3601 Church St, 60203
Karen Evans
Ph: 847-859-8330
Laurette Levy
Direct #: 847-859-8333
Washington Elementary
914 Ashland Ave, 60202
Susan Lewis
Ph: 847-859-8180
Jean Carrington
Direct #: 847-859-8183
Willard Elementary
2700 Hurd Ave 60201
Jerry Michel
Ph: 847-859-8110
Loretha Henry

For Health Clerks & Social Workers, click here.