Referral Process

Health Clerks and Social Workers

Referral Requests
A parent or guardian may request ESCCA services for a District 65 child by contacting you. They will need to fill out a Request Form, which you can send home with their child, or if they prefer, they can come to the school to fill out and sign the Request Form during Health Clerk’s office hours.

After the Request Form has been completed, signed and returned, the health clerk processes an ESCCA Referral Sheet. The parent/guardian should contact only one health clerk and fill out only one Request Form for all District 65 school children in a single family. The health clerk fills out one Referral Sheet for each child. These Referral Sheets are sent to the directors responsible for scheduling, Ellie Fedderson or Diane Wright, C/O ESCCA, 1500 McDaniel, Evanston 60201. Children are usually served on a first-come, first-served basis.

Serve Scheduling
One of the ESCCA co-recipients VPs will call families from whom they have received Referral Sheets and arrange the earliest possible date for a Serve at the clothing center. If no phone number is given or if the phone has been disconnected, the health clerk will send a note home with the child.
Families are called and reminded of their Serve date. To ensure efficient handling of questions or problems, the health clerk should keep each request form on file and record the date the Referral Sheets are sent to the directors for scheduling. The number of children scheduled for each session is limited to 8 to 10. The waiting list varies, so no promises should be made to the families regarding the date they will be served.

ESCCA does not serve pre-school children.

Emergency Serves
Emergency situations will be handled as expeditiously as possible. However, all referrals must come through the schools, even in an emergency. Occasionally, community agencies will refer children who are not District 65 students.

To request emergency service, call directors for scheduling, Ellie Fedderson or Diane Wright at (847) 859-8018, and send Referral Sheets to them as soon as possible. The children will be served as soon as available personnel can be assembled to staff the serving center.

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