School chairpersons are the backbone of ESCCA. As members of their own PTAs, they act as liaisons between ESCCA and their school, whose maximum support we need throughout the year. To perform their many duties School Chairs need the cooperation of many volunteers. A good relationship with their own PTA helps School Chairs recruit volunteers.

Responsibilities of an ESCCA School Chair are as follows:

Attending ESCCA Meetings:
By attending meetings, the School Chairs have first hand knowledge of, and input into, ESCCA events, our volunteer needs and the center’s maintenance and/or changes.

Recruiting Volunteers:
Scheduling volunteers for all morning and evening dates assigned her/his school is the most vital part of the job. Some chairpersons ask room parents to find volunteers from their class list. Others pass sign-up sheets at their PTA board meetings. It is important to make reminder calls to volunteers several days before the school serving date. Grade school School Chairs sometimes pass on lists of volunteers who have “graduated” to middle school School Chairs. Each School Chair is responsible for providing four (4) volunteers for each Serve or Sort commitment, typically 5 times a year.

Collecting Clothing:
Chairpersons may choose to hold one or two clothing drives at their schools during the year or to have a permanent ESCCA collection barrel in the school for continuous collection. For the sake of good school relations and to make the best use of the clothing, it is important that these barrels be emptied regularly. Collected clothing should be sorted, if possible, and inappropriate articles discarded before bringing it to the ESCCA building. Wednesday mornings are the best time for delivery. Volunteers also can bring clothing when they come to serve. Tax receipt letters are available.

Publicizing ESCCA Activities and Needs:
Throughout the year, the chairperson should submit short articles about ESCCA for the school newsletter. These articles could explain the services ESCCA provides, request volunteers, thank volunteers, request-clothing donations, and encourage donations to the Fund Drive and through the Tribute Memorial program. The publicity chairperson provides sample articles throughout the year.

Assisting with Fund Drive:
The School Chair helps with publicity and with the distribution of ESCCA Fund Drive materials at her or his school.